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Chocolate Peanut Butter goodness!

Marble Cheesecake


Our cheesecakes are a New York style with a creamy texture and crunchy crust.

We bake our cheesecakes with the freshest vanilla beans, or they may be flavored with a variety ingredients to suit your individual needs!

They may also be made gluten free or sugar free if needed to allow those with dietary needs to enjoy our smooth delicious cheesecakes.

A variety of sizes are utilized to accommodate the appropriate amount of guests you are entertaining (although leftovers are never a bad thing!!)


Starting for basic vanilla bean, but may be flavored, gluten free or sugar free for supplemental costs

2" are 1-2 bites- Start at $1.50 each

4" to feed 1-2 people- Start at $7.50 

6" to feed 6-8 people- Start at $18.00

8" to feed 10-12 people- Start at $26.00

10" to feed 14-16 people- Start at $35.00



Á la Carte

Traditionally, our á la carte items are presented as mini-desserts. We are happy to work with you to develop an individual menu to suit your catering needs. Please inquire about our many options including:

Cookie cupcakes • Half Moons • Pies

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Chocolate Covered Strawberries

His/Her Tuxedo • Striped • Crunchy Texture
Flavored White Chocolate

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